Terms & Conditions

Rental Payments:
Rent amount is for 4 weeks duration. Based on Availability you can extend your stay (charges Apply) .

Postponement Fee:
Cancel or Postponement is free of charge if you inform us at least with in 30 Days prior to starting date of accommodation.[ >30 days ]
Postponement fee(100$) is collected if you fail to inform us with in 15 Days prior to starting date of accommodation. [15-30 days]
No Postponement in accommodation if you fail to inform us with in 15 days from the starting date of accommodation. [<15 days ]

Checking In:
Check-In must be between 9 AM - 4 PM on all weekdays. Weekend Check-Ins are only by Appointments.
Please inform the housing team via email/WhatsApp of the approximate check in time. This is required to notify other tenants staying at that property.

Checking Out:
Tenants should Check-out by Saturday 12 noon or earlier of that week.
Your room and kitchen cabinets including refrigerator has to be cleaned of any garbage, food and personal items. All those items have to be Transferred to garbage bag before leaving. Failure to do so will lead to a $200 fine and deductions from your rental security deposit.
The security deposit for the room is $500. Out of that $200 will be returned after subtracting one time cleaning and bedding fees & Utilites, but it may be held with Prasad Medical Physician in case of unpaid rent, and/or damages. Refund for security deposit will be initiated within 14 Business days of check out date and will reflect in your credit/debit card with in next 1-2 weeks.

Other Rules:
If you are going stay more than one day you will be charged 50$ Per day .
Make sure all areas must be clean, before leaving accommodation.