Frequently Asked Questions

1. How we are different?
We Provide Inexpensive Unique Clinical hands on Experience with State of the Art EMR System with on site accomodation at an affordable pricing.

2. Does Hands on rotation given or not?

3. Does this rotation Provides In-Patient or Outpatient Experience?
Outpatient Experience

4. Does Letter of Recommendation is given on hospital letter head?
Yes, It is given on Brooklyn Hospital Letter Head

5. Does Pricing Affordable?
Yes it is .

6.Names of Affilitated Hospitals
1. Brooklyn Hospital Center 2.Interfaith Medical Center

7. Does the students present every case they see?
Yes they do as Interns. There are multiple benefits in doing this clinical rotation as opposed to others. The interns not only exposed to internal medicine cases they will be also exposed to nephrology consults. They will learn routine History taking, Physical examination, diagnosis , differential diagnosis, Investigations(Labs and Radiology) and treatment. Students will be coached on ordering and interpretation of Electrocardiograms , various ultrasound tests and common medications for Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Thyroid disorders, Kidney disorders and Vaccines etc. By the end of the Rotation they will be very comfortable with Preventive Screening, Preventive care, Diagnostic testing and Current Quality Standards of Praticing Medicine in United States of America. They will be taught on Common medical diagnoses with an algorithm approach.There will be dinner on Mondays and Thursdays at the end of the day and students have opportunity to present with projector powerpoint presentation of clinical cases/topics to Dr Prasad.Students will be oriented on sunday a day before the clinical rotation by our USCE coordinator So that they can breeze through the program .

8. Does you provide any accomodation?
yes,we provide on-site accomodation at an affordable price with limited slots

9. Any Step Scores required before enrolling with us?
No. USMLE step scores are not a requirement for our program.

10. What is the application process
You can communicate with us via Whatsapp so we can communicate with you personally. You will be asked to fill a form online . Once that is completed, your application will be reviewed by our approval committee and once you are approved we will contact you with the instructions

10. What will be our expectations from the student?

1. Professionalism: We will expect students to demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of their conduct, including punctuality, appearance, communication, and interaction with patients, colleagues, and staff.
2. Clinical Skills: Students are expected to continuously develop and demonstrate clinical skills appropriate for their level of training. This includes history-taking, physical examination, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment planning.
3. Knowledge: We will expect students to have a solid understanding of medical knowledge relevant to the rotation specialty. This includes familiarity with relevant guidelines, protocols, and evidence-based practices.
4. Initiative and Eagerness to Learn: Students are expected to take initiative in their learning process, actively seek out opportunities for clinical exposure, and demonstrate a genuine eagerness to learn from the clinical experiences provided during the rotation.
5. Responsibility: We expect students to take responsibility for their patients, including tasks such as following up on lab results, coordinating care, and ensuring patient safety.
6. Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial in healthcare. Students are expected to communicate effectively with patients, families, colleagues, and other members of the healthcare team. This includes clear and concise verbal communication as well as accurate and timely documentation.
7. Professional Development: We expect students to actively engage in self-reflection and seek feedback to identify areas for improvement. They also expect students to participate in educational activities and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.
8. Ethical and Legal Compliance: Students are expected to adhere to ethical principles and legal regulations governing healthcare practice. This includes maintaining patient confidentiality, respecting autonomy, and following institutional policies and procedures.
9. Teamwork and Collaboration: Healthcare is a team-based endeavor. Students are expected to collaborate effectively with other members of the healthcare team, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and support staff.
10. Adaptability and Flexibility: We understand that healthcare environments can be dynamic and unpredictable. we expect students to demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in response to changes in patient status, workload, and clinical priorities. By meeting these expectations, students can maximize their learning opportunities during our rotation and make a positive impression on us and the healthcare team

10. Timings of the clinic?
1 Week-----6 working days , Remaining weeks of month-5 Working days
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11.30 AM......07.00 PM
Every Friday
07.30 AM.....02.00 PM
Every month first Saturday
07.30 AM.....02.00 PM